Agriculture & agronomy

Agriculture & agronomy

A co-operative agri-food group, d’aucy Group consists of two co-operatives: Cecab and Coop de Broons. Located in Brittany since 1968, d’aucy Group now has over 9,000 members: vegetable growers, grain growers and livestock farmers.

The agricultural branch of d’aucy Group has thus developed throughout Brittany, giving farmers economic and technical advice and creating structures and tools to promote and market their products. In addition to a joint commitment, this co-operative organization allows d’aucy Group to control all its sectors and offer consumers the guarantees of traceability and quality.

Working from an agroecological perspective, d’aucy Group also provides its members with technological, agronomic solutions in the interest of high-performance, socially responsible agriculture by offering them a variety of business intelligence tools. Those BI tools take the form of advice on fungicidal optimization (Atlas), fertilization (Farmstar) and irrigation (Sentek).

Additionally, and likewise out of a desire to produce quality, environmentally-friendly crops, the Group recently acquired shares in Be Api. That nationwide structure comprises a network of 30 co-operatives and offers its members the human, technical, IT, marketing and financial resources they need to adopt a regional position as leaders in precision agriculture.

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