The organization of cattle farmers within Cecab includes about 900 members who are given the opportunity to sell their animals either at auction through Coral Bretagne Sud in Ploërmel, or at a firm price through Bretagne Appro. The fact that these sales mechanisms are local offers a promise of quality and traceability to buyers who are in direct contact with the farmers.

Coral Sud Bretagne, a d’aucy Group company, organizes weekly markets that sell newborn calves, beef cattle and weanlings, representing more than 13,900 animals sold in 2016. The advantages of this market include cash payment for animals after sale, transport for the cattle, a comparison of supply and demand, and transparency of transactions (public sales).

With a sales team of 15 experts working in Morbihan, Finistère and Côtes d’Armor, Bretagne Appro sold more than 70,000 heads of cattle in 2016, up 28% from 2015. The animals are collected in three allotment centres located in each of the departments covered: Ploërmel, Mellac and Loudéac.


With a production unit in Broons and another in Saint-Allouestre, the animal feed expert Aliouest sold 490,000 tonnes of ruminant, pork and poultry feed to our farmers in 2016.
To meet the specific requirements of each herd, Aliouest develops customized food solutions, providing both simple and specialized feed, incorporating nutritional supplements à la carte and organizing feed programs at the farms with the support of technical experts.

To offer a comprehensive package to meet the needs of livestock farmers, the animal nutrition teams (of engineers, veterinarians and technicians) at the Cecab and Coop de Broons co-operatives work together every day with their fellow crop production specialists. Aliouest offers its farmers much more than just grains and feed. Through its products, the co-operative provides farmers with ways to make the most of their farm products.