Canned vegetables

Canned vegetables


As the French leader in canned vegetables present in all the major supermarket chains, d’aucy sells close to 65 million cans each year, representing approximately 66,000 tonnes of vegetables. Mainly in Brittany, but also in the other main vegetable production regions of France, d’aucy vegetables are grown by 1,500 co-operative farmers who are passionate about their work and feel personally attached to their brand.

With d’aucy Foodservice, a cross-cutting organization covering the Group’s egg and vegetable businesses, our brands are also sold on the food service market. With its attention to societal expectations, d’aucy Foodservice regularly creates innovations in line with consumer interests, such as the 100% vegetarian range designed to accommodate emerging consumer habits like flexitarianism.

And with 30% of its production sold outside France and distributed in 50 countries (including 20 in Africa), the sector enjoys a strong international presence. Abroad, at our production sites in Spain and Hungary, our plants source 100% of their ingredients from farmers under contract.

Additionally, d’aucy Group’s vegetable branch gives it a presence with every French distributor, through private labels and discount brands. This accounts for a significant proportion of our sales in France. Thanks to its sector-based organization and its control over every stage, from vegetable production to processing, d’aucy Group is able to meet consumers’ quality expectations. The French origin of the vegetables meets another set of consumer preferences.

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