With nearly 1,500 farmers spread throughout the main vegetable-growing areas of France (60% in Brittany) and involved in Producer Organizations, d’aucy Group collects more than 300,000 tonnes of vegetables (beans, spinach, peas, carrots, flageolets and corn) for industrial processing every year.

A close partnership is formed with these different organizations based on the co-operative spirit of d’aucy Group. The fields are all located in the immediate vicinity of the Group’s canning factories and partners for frozen foods, in order to process vegetables in less than four hours after harvest, to ensure they retain all their nutritional properties. This proximity also reduces transport and the environmental impact.

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Whether canned or frozen, the vegetables are sold under the d’aucy brand name or other private labels, in supermarkets, hypermarkets and the food service market. Out of a concern for consumer expectations, the farmers work with our agronomy department to select the best varieties, manage their crops respectfully and implement alternative methods (trapping insects, etc.).

After listening to our consumers and society as a whole, d’aucy Group developed organic lines at our co-operatives some years ago. Today, more than 900 hectares (2,200 acres) of vegetables are organically grown.

Additionally, the co-operative model is an alluring and unifying element for producers who do not work for a factory but for their final consumers. As partner members, d’aucy Group’s vegetable farmers are the owners of industrial facilities, which are seen as extensions of their farms.

Emotionally attached to the brand and the co-operative and proud to pass on their values, the farmers are committed to the quality of the products every day. Thanks to the Fiers de Coopérer (“Proud to Co-operate”) approach that has been developed since 2015, they are able to speak out to emphasize the co-operative origins of their products, and consumers are able to identify their locations. All of this, in the interest of increased transparency and traceability.

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