d'aucy and Triskalia: a new breton co-operative agri-food project
Tuesday, 12 December 2017

d'aucy and Triskalia: a new breton co-operative agri-food project

The d’aucy and Triskalia group announce their intention to combine their forces to create a new Breton co-operative agri-food project. This means that they will be a leading and well established player in their territory.

The first aim of this project is to keep pace with the changes in the Breton agricultural sector by implementing technological and agronomical innovations and by researching and creating new outlets for the members.

The second aim is to develop the well-founded agri-food sectors by, amongst other things, combining jobs and industrial means, strategically positioning its strong d’aucy or Paysan Breton brands and strengthening its activities at international level.

This project symbolises the co-operative agri-food group of tomorrow:

  • with upstream and downstream activities for agricultural animal and arable products;
  • being organised in value-creating sectors for its members and clients;
  • being well-established in the territory and maintaining its decision-making centre in Brittany whilst reaching out internationally;
  • having a balanced governance and observing the principle of equality between the d’aucy and Triskalia groups in their decision-making bodies;
  • being attractive to the best skilled talents;
  • being aware of new consumption methods and offering a response to the expectations of pluralistic societies;
  • being resolutely geared towards innovation.

Common values

The d’aucy and Triskalia groups built up their success on the same co-operative values, the principle of territorial establishment and the desire to set up their activities for the long-term. This shared culture is a vital prerequisite to address a strong response to the current challenges facing the agricultural and agri-food industries. New demands of consumers, the need to innovate and grow, the choice of sectors providing strong added value, responsible agriculture, performance of operations and creating value for the co-operative members are some of the challenges to be taken up.

This project, which will serve Breton farmers, will be carried out by some 9,000 men and women working in the two co-operative groups. Solidarity, Performance, Commitment, Innovation and Proximity are the key words.

Consolidated sales of the two merged co-operatives represented 3.1 billion Euros in 2016 with the aim of achieving 5 billion Euros in 2025.

For Serge Le Bartz and Georges Galardon, chairmen of the d’aucy and Triskalia groups respectively, the proposed project “will be based on complementing jobs and upstream and downstream activities. It has to create downstream value for its members. It will strengthen our innovative capacity for farmers, helping in the performance of their work. It will be built up alongside a sustainable development strategy.

For the managing directors, Alain Perrin and Dominique Ciccone, this project: “will bring about, by the nature of its size, the implementation of new growth strategies, both domestically and internationally and the establishment of new relationships with our clients.

A memorandum of understanding was signed by both parties on 12th December 2017 for implementation during the second half of 2018, following notification of the competent bodies.

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