UFM teams up with LIGER for the inauguration of its BioNGV station
Friday, 17 November 2017

UFM teams up with LIGER for the inauguration of its BioNGV station

A year after the inauguration of its methanisation unit, the Liger energy hub in Locminé inaugurated the first BioNGV station in Brittany open to the general public and professionals on Friday 17 November. The station offers “green and local” Natural Gas for Vehicles, produced from biomethane, resulting from the fermentation of organic waste, provided, inter alia, by the UFM in Locminé.

A partner of Liger since its creation in 2011, d’aucy Group participates in this project through the recycling of vegetable waste from its UFM vegetable canning plant in Locminé. UFM processes nearly 100,000 tonnes of vegetables each year and supplies close to 10,000 tonnes of co-products from its production to the Liger energy hub. These co-products supply the methanizer and the Liger biomass boiler, which in turn feeds the plant's hot water network! A good example of a circular economy that allows, in the process, UFM to save up to 3 tons of CO2 per year!

Well aware of environmental issues, the canning plant does not intend to stop there. Today, all of the plant’s self-propelled trucks run on natural gas and in the long term, it would like to benefit from the biofuels produced by Liger to switch to green energy.

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