D’aucy Group, committed to recycling its waste
Tuesday, 21 November 2017

D’aucy Group, committed to recycling its waste

For several years, D'aucy Group and its 28 production sites have been strongly committed to the preservation of resources. Many actions have been set up in terms of sorting, repackaging and waste recovery, within our various sites. In Brittany, in 2016, 100% of our organic waste, i.e. 31,243 tonnes, was recovered in 3 different ways: animal feed, spreading and energy. At the UFM site in Locminé, green waste is transformed into biofuel or green manure by the Liger energy hub through anaerobic digestion. The Depenne canning plant in Castelmoron-sur-Lot supplies 50% of its corn waste (15,000 tonnes) to a local company specializing in anaerobic digestion. The other 50% is used for animal feed.

But d’aucy Group's commitment to waste management does not stop there. The group also recycles in its administrative departments.

Our Peny factory, in Saint-Thurien, hosted in mid-October members of the ABEA (Breton Association of Agribusiness Companies) and Ivamer (Institute for the Recovery of Marine and Agro-Food Resources) to present its waste management and recovery actions. In this unit, which processes 16,000 tonnes of vegetables and 37,000 semi-unprocessed ready-made meals each year, 85% of waste is recycled. Packing boxes, dividers, bags, cling films, wood, pallets, green waste, unsaleable boxes, ballpoint pens, etc. This represents nearly 3,000 tonnes of sorted and repackaged waste on the site before being recovered by approved partners! Like Peny, all of the Group's other processing sites have put in place waste recovery procedures. We also recycle in our administrative departments. Paper collection and recycling of computer equipment to benefit non-profit organisations… At d’aucy Group, nothing is wasted, everything is transformed!

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