New in The Essentials range!
Friday, 13 November 2015

New in The Essentials range!

Lightly grilled French pork served with penne pasta and delicious summer vegetables cooked in olive oil: tomatoes, red pepper, courgettes, onions, etc. With this new popular recipe, d'aucy puts some sun on our plates.

This innovation broadens "The Essentials" range, a range composed of four simple "home-made" recipes with simple and natural ingredients:

> Beef Meatballs, Rice & Tomato Sauce

> Chicken Breast Fillets, Rice & Crème Fraiche

> Macaroni and Cheese with Diced Chicken and Crème Fraiche

> And Finally Sliced Grilled Pork & Penne Pasta with Summer Vegetables

Of course, all these recipes are prepared without preservatives, artificial colouring or artificial flavours!

If you are new to the range, hurry to discover and enjoy the simplicity of these recipes cooked with love and prepared with carefully selected ingredients.

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