A partnership with MiiMOSA to fund agroecological transition projects
Tuesday, 27 February 2018

A partnership with MiiMOSA to fund agroecological transition projects

Accompanying members through short or medium-term grants or funding is nothing new for d’aucy Group. However, it is essential to diversify the suggested sources of funding and to provide members with increased financial coverage. D’aucy Group made a commitment to the MiiMOSA crowdfunding site and took advantage of the Agricultural Show on 27 February to formalize its partnership.

Co-financing and support

This project coincides with d’aucy Group's desire to smooth the path towards the agriculture of tomorrow for its members. It is an additional way to help farmers bring their transformation projects to fruition, a way in which they would have never seen, as most farmers are unfamiliar with the concept of crowdfunding. The role of d’aucy Group's cooperatives is to support their members to take this new step in their development. More specifically, development managers will focus on identifying funding requirements for members. Projects in line with the sector-based objectives of d’aucy Group will be granted a loan, which will be supplemented by financing from individuals and institutions. These projects are related to agroecology: the evolution of production practices (free-range or organic for eggs, organic also for vegetables), the creation of winter gardens for turkeys, etc. Projects not included in this field such as anaerobic digestion or solar energy production, for example, will be sent directly to the participatory platform. "Whether we become involved in co-funding or not, all our members will benefit from personalized and pedagogical support," says Morgane Rolland, marketing director of d'aucy Group's agricultural sector. “We will ensure a smooth transition with the crowdfunding site, in particular by helping farmers put together their funding application.”

Technological progress at the heart of economic and environmental performance

This partnership is in addition to the long list of agronomic and technological tools and services offered to members by the Group's co-operatives (Cecab and Coop de Broons), so that they can engage in an agroecological approach. The goal is twofold: to achieve profitability while protecting the environment and to guarantee traceability and quality to consumers. D’aucy Group aspires to democratize access to new technical and technological solutions, thus saving time, improving economic and environmental performance and reducing difficult working conditions.

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