Ambition and strategy

Ambition and strategy



An ambition...

d'aucy Group strives to be a key player in its core activities by developing profitability, innovation and differentiation to meet the needs of consumers and co‑op members.

Strengthening ties between members and consumers is an ambition shared by all players in the Group: co‑op members, directors and employees.

A mission...

Cooperative agri‑food group, d'aucy Group is committed to offering consumers quality products that originate from modern and responsible farming practices, enabling the development of its co‑op members and based on a unrelenting quest for innovation.

A vision...

Led by cooperative values, d'aucy Group begins every day with a strong commitment to providing reliable and healthy food adapted to a wide range of lifestyles, with respect for the land, the heritage of future generations.



Organized in two co-operatives, d’aucy Group covers three upstream business sectors: vegetables, eggs and secondary processing. Those three sectors form a balanced economic system that places the Group in leading positions.

The strategy of Cecab and Coop de Broons, whose activities encompass both crop and animal production, is to develop their territories so that their members can create value on their farms.

The vegetable sector, with its canned and frozen business lines, benefits from the reputations of the brand names d’aucy and Globus (in Eastern Europe). This endows it with a great capacity for innovation, enabling the sector to develop new recipes at a rapid pace that meet society’s expectations.

The egg sector, no. 1 in France for egg products and egg-based products thanks to the Cocotine brand, plans to continue to grow by developing innovative products that will keep it in a top position with the food service industry.
Secondary processing activities, which cover ready-made meals and meat culinary aids, have strategic resources for continuing their development, particularly abroad, where Aubret already occupies a leadership position in bacon lardons.

To carry out its strategy, d’aucy Group builds on the strengths of the co-operative model: a mode of self-governance, a strong regional presence, and jobs created in all territories and at all levels of French society.