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Group highlights


d'aucy Group is a cooperative agri-food group organised around four activities: agriculture and agronomy, canned goods, egg-food and meat.

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d’aucy Group operates on regional and international markets. Thanks to a portfolio of strong, diversified brands, the Group is very well-known, both in France and abroad. It holds top-ranking positions in certain productions and is a key player in certain products like canned vegetables.

The different branches of d’aucy Group sell their products in more than 50 countries around the world, by means of various distribution networks. French supermarkets and the majority of European supermarkets are clients of at least one of the Group’s branches.

Through the BtoB network, d’aucy Group also supplies agri-food manufacturers with the ingredients they need for their ready-made meals and pizzas, for example.

d’aucy Foodservice, which serves the food service industry, is a very important and growing distribution network: 1 out of 6 meals is eaten outside the home in France. The food service industry can be divided into three main areas: mass catering (cafeterias, administrative restaurants, etc.), commercial catering (restaurant chains, hotel chains) and alternative sales channels (gas stations, seasonal salesmen, etc.).



d'aucy Group is rooted in its two parent co operatives, Cecab and Coop de Broons.




Present in supermarkets and hypermarkets, the food service market and BtoB, d'aucy Group owns leading national and international brands.

  • Frozen and canned vegetables and ready made meals

    Frozen and canned vegetables and ready made meals

    French leader in canned vegetables in supermarkets, hypermarkets and the food service market, Europe's second largest producer of canned vegetables and France's second largest frozen vegetable company in the food service market.
  • Frozen and canned vegetables and ready made meals

    Frozen and canned vegetables and ready made meals

    Leader in canned vegetables in Hungary and Eastern Europe.
  • Canned vegetables

    Canned vegetables

    Brand with a strong regional presence (Brittany)
  • Meat culinary aids

    Meat culinary aids

    European leader in bacon lardons
  • Processed egg products

    Processed egg products

    France's n°1 in fresh and frozen egg products for the food service market.