Cooperative values and commitment

Cooperative values
and commitment

Led by cooperative values, d'aucy Group, its 4,800 employees and its 9,000 members begin every day with a strong commitment to providing healthy food adapted to a wide range of lifestyles.

d'aucy Group has five core values: Solidarity, commitment, competitiveness, creativity, reliability.


Solidarity is expressed through farmer members, co-op employees and downstream branches and passed down to future generations.


Commitment, whether inside the Group (employees are committed to their company, members are committed to their cooperative, etc.) or outside (for example the quality of the products offered to consumers) is an essential component of d'aucy Group.


Competitiveness is a key element of any economic activity. The cooperative model is a modern management tool that is constantly seeking economic performance. Members, who are the co-op's suppliers expect the best economic efficiency.


Creativity is an absolute necessity. The role of a cooperative group is to offer innovative solutions to all members/farmers and new products to consumers: technical, social and environmental ingenuity for our farmers and creativity in our products for distributors and consumers.


Reliability is the essence of our agriculture and agri-food sector. It is expressed particularly through a traceability of the products within sectors, through the respect of specifications, compliance with quality, etc.

These values developed by our cooperative Group are key differentiating factors.