Men and women

Men and women

Men and women are the very heart and soul of our business, imbuing the Group with its value. As such, we place a priority on guaranteeing their safety and well-being, and on involving them in the life of the company.

In fact, for each farmer, being a member also means being a co-owner of his or her co-operative through the subscription of the share capital corresponding to his or her activity. Being a co-op member means taking on responsibilities in his or her co-operative and participating in its decisions.

d’aucy Group also represents 4,300 employees in 200 different professions covering all our production sectors. Those employees are fully a part of our strategies and missions, and are active participants in the life of the Group.


The strength of the co-operative model resides in its men and women who decided to pool their resources to develop a dynamic economy extending the activities of their farms. That model is based on the members’ commitment to the co-op and guarantees democratic governance founded on the principle of “one man, one vote”.

Our local COOPERATIVE roots

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The d’aucy Group Board of Directors is made up of nine members from the Boards of the Cecab and Coop de Broons co-operatives. d’aucy Group’s Chairman, Serge le Bartz, is a farmer in Morbihan.
Each co-operative is also run by a Board of Directors and its elected Chairperson. Cecab’s Board comprises 20 farmers elected by the co-op’s members, representatives from Southern Brittany, and is chaired by Serge Le Bartz, while the Coop de Broons Board has 15 members representing Northern Brittany and is chaired by René Loret, a farmer in Côtes d’Armor.

In this way, d’aucy Group’s members and employees work hand in hand to supply products that are perfectly aligned with consumer expectations and needs. They are involved in each stage of the production process to ensure product quality, from farm to table.